Teaching & Scholarly Activity

I received Apple Teacher recognition in 2023. This program has allowed me to leverage the use of technology in my classrooms.

I have taught lectures at the community college, undergraduate, and graduate levels covering a broad range of topics in neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology, and human anatomy.

Teaching Responsibilities

Colorado State University (2023-present)

University of Kentucky College of Medicine (2021-2022)

Bluegrass Community and Technical College (2022)

My scholarly interests include ungrading, online learning, and enhancing biomedical education using laboratory- and computer-based applications.

The Case Lab is currently studying how ungrading in STEM courses can shift students' approach to learning and increase access.

Active Projects

Online Guided Prosection Modules for Gross Anatomy

I am collaborating with Dr. Kristen Platt in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine on a scholarly project creating online gross anatomy prosection modules to supplement the lab component of the medical gross anatomy course (MD-814) at UK. These modules aim to provide independent guidance of students through an entire prosection of the human donor, and also quiz them on content along the way. For example, after asking the student to locate the pectoralis major muscle, the module quizzes the students on the innervation and the action of the muscle. We plan to publish these modules as online open-access materials for many students across different professional courses to utilize. We will use a qualitative and quantitative assessment tool to gain insights on the usefulness and effectiveness of this project for further use and publication. This project has provided opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain experience creating individual modules and preparing posters to present research at local/state/national conferences. 

Click here to explore Online Guided Prosection Modules.

Retroactive Analysis of New Pharmacology Minor Program

This project is a retroactive survey-based analysis of a newly created undergraduate pharmacology minor program that I served as the facilitator for, working with Dr. Rolf Craven in the Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Science.  After a few years of implementing the minor program, our department wanted to gauge the effectiveness in three aspects: student attitudes, student evaluations of the coursework, student progress since completion of the minor.  I drafted and implemented an IRB-approved survey that included questions about professional development progress, content and utility evaluation of each course in the minor, and attitudes towards how well it prepared them for their current or desired positions. We have gained incredibly useful text-based comments in addition to the guided survey questions, and we are planning to submit a manuscript on this project for publication in late 2023.