Case Lab

Research in the Case lab focuses on how ungrading can shift students’ approach to learning and broaden participation in upper-level STEM courses. 

Other scholarly interests include using AI, online learning, and computer-based laboratory applications to enhance biomedical education. 

Project 1: Exploring how ungrading influences the way in which students approach learning in an upper-level biomedical science course, focusing on student motivation, reflective thinking, and preparatory behaviors. 

Project 2: Exploring the effectiveness of using AI (personalized GPTs) to support faculty efforts in an ungraded course.

Project 3: Exploring the use of Team-Based Learning (TBL) in an integrative capstone course to enhance student motivation and nurture preparatory behaviors.

Project 4: Creation of Interactive Prosection Laboratory Modules to enhance student engagement and self-directed behaviours in Medical and Health Professional Gross Anatomy education.

Project 5: Exploring the effectiveness of intelligent tutoring (generative AI) to support a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program.

Active Funding

2024 TILT Faculty Research Fellowship, The Institute for Teaching & Learning (TILT), Colorado State University

2024 Instructional Innovation/Pedagogical Research Grant, CVMBS College Research Council, Colorado State University