Neuronal Network Dynamics Across Age

As a doctoral student, I investigated age- and sex-dependent alternations in neuronal calcium networks in the primary somatosensory cortex and how these alterations contribute to gait dysfunction.

Case, S. L., Lin, R.-L., & Thibault, O. (2023). Age- and sex-dependent alterations in primary somatosensory cortex neuronal calcium network dynamics during locomotion. Aging Cell, e13898. 

Case, S. L., Frazier, H. N., Anderson, K. L., Lin, R.-L., & Thibault, O. (2022). Falling Short: The Contribution of Central Insulin Receptors to Gait Dysregulation in Brain Aging. Biomedicines, 10(8), 1923.

Lin, R. L., Frazier, H. N., Anderson, K. L., Case, S. L., Ghoweri, A. O., & Thibault, O. (2022). Sensitivity of the S1 neuronal calcium network to insulin and Bay-K 8644 in vivo: Relationship to gait, motivation, and aging processes. Aging Cell, 21(7), e13661.

Sompol, P., Gollihue, J.L., Weiss, B.E., Lin, R-L., Case, S.L., Kraner, S.D., Weekman, E.M., Gant, J.C., Rogers, C.B., Niedowicz, D.M., Sudduth, T.L., Nelson, P.T., Thibault, O., Wilcock, D.M., & Norris, C.M. (2022). Targeting astrocyte signaling alleviates cerebrovascular and synaptic function deficits in a diet-based mouse model of small cerebral vessel disease. Journal of Neuroscience, Early Release.

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